Tattoo Aftercare image
The artist has either wrapped your tattoo with plastic wrap or SANIDERM (second skin). If the artist has wrapped it in Saniderm, leave it on for a minimum of 72 hours, then follow normal lotioning instructions.

If the artist has wrapped you in plastic wrap, leave it on for a minimum of 2 hours, or up to 4.

Once you take of the wrapping, wash the tattoo with an antibacterial liquid soap (DIAL GOLD soap is highly recommended). Do not use bar soap, as you do not want anything on the bar of soap to get on the tattoo. Use your hand or a paper towel to lightly cleanse the tattoo. Do not scrub it.
Once washed, apply a LIGHT layer of either VITAMAN A&D Ointment or AQUAPHOR on the tattoo. the goal is to provide a layer of protection over the tattoo while it is still somewhat fresh. A light layer will suffice; too much product, and you risk pulling ink out of the skin.

Repeat this washing/ointment process twice a day up until the tattoo is dry. This means that it will get flaky, scabby and ashy. This is when you should start applying an UNSCENTED lotion to the tattoo. We recommend LUBIDERM, EUCERIN, or CURELL. Apply as often as you feel your tattoo needs to be moisturized.

Your tattoo should be healed in approximately 2 weeks (bigger projects may require more time to heal).

DO NOT SWIM. DO NOT SUNBATHE. It is okay to shower with the tattoo, as long as you are rinsing off the tattoo (do not soak tattoo underwater).
DO NOT PICK AT YOUR SCABS. Let them fall as they may.
DO NOT SCRATCH THE TATTOO. No matter how bad the temptation hits.

Feel free to contact us for any other questions.